Muriel's Wedding - Sing-Along Version!

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Muriel Heslop, a young girl in her 20's, lives in Porpoise Spit, Australia. She is surrounded by an uncaring family and people she thinks are her friends—the popular girls who think that Muriel is not “on their level”. To escape her depressing life, Muriel listens to the music of ABBA and dreams of getting married. To her, getting married signifies she has become a success—and that is something she needs in her life.
Muriel and Rhonda When her parents give her a check (which she tells her mom to make out to “cash”) to buy supplies for a new job, Muriel steals their savings and goes on a holiday to Hibiscus Island. There she meets Rhonda, a lively, vivacious person who helps her come out of her shell. Muriel decides to move to Sydney to be roommates with Rhonda and start her own life, which includes a name change, a wedding, and a few twists and turns.
Along the way, she learns about life, love and friendship. Muriel's Wedding is a humorous and touching story of one girl's journey as she realizes that she can be who she is and succeed for herself, without having to prove so to anyone else.

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“[A] gleeful, gaudy tribute to one ungainly misfit and her determination.”

Janet Maslin - New York Times

“Toni Collette gives a wonderful performance.”

Marty Mapes - Movie Habit

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Sunday 21 May
Deckchair Cinema

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P.J. Hogan



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106 minutes


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