DIFF Closing Night - The Seen and Unseen

This is a Darwin International Film Festival screening. DIFF occurs 13-23 September, with screenings all over Darwin. More info: diff.net.au

This screening presented by Closing Night Guest of Honour Kamila Andini (director). Live dance by Tunas Mekar Cultural Collective.

Ten-year-old twins Tantra and Tantri are inseparable. When they secretly steal eggs from the family’s sacrificial offering, Tantri always gets the whites and Tantra the yolks. One day, however, the yolk is missing, as is Tantra.

Her brother gravely ill and in hospital, Tantri starts slipping into magical parallel worlds, approaching the inevitable farewell through costumes, body paint and dance. In long dream sequences and against the background of the Balinese philosophy of sekala – the seen – and niskala – the unseen – Andini relates how one ten-year-old girl deals with parting and grief.

Kamila Andini is a young filmmaker based in Jakarta. Daughter of legendary Indonesian director Garin Nugroho, she is forging a style all of her own. Already a winner and finalist at several international film festivals, Sekala Niskala is her second feature.

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“A haunting and hypnotic interpretation of the child subconscious rooted in Balinese arts and culture.”


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Add to Calendar 7:30pm,
Sunday 23 September
Deckchair Cinema

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Running Time

86 minutes


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Balinese with English subtitles