Young Einstein

The Incredible Untold Story of the Greatest Mind of All Time

"In 1905 he discovered relativity...In 1906 he invented rock and roll."

On a remote Tasmanian apple farm, the young wild-haired genius, Albert Einstein, splits the atom to make the world's first bubbled beer...and all hell breaks loose!

Beneath the film's rich tapestry of comedy beats the heart of a young man who dares to think differently.

Albert treks the vast Australian continent, sails to Paris and falls in love with Marie Curie - the world's most intelligent girl. He formulates E=mc2, creates the world's first surfboard, invents the electric guitar and uses his greatest discovery - Rock and Roll, to save the planet from the atomic destruction that his revolutionary theories inadvertently caused.

The physics is illuminating, the collisions and fusions of music are revolutionary, writer/director/star Yahoo's eccentric Albert Einstein is charming. Young Einstein is an original comedy with a big brain, a warm heart and a celebration of a human spirit who dared to be different.

In 1988 Yahoo Serious became the first Australian to write, direct, produce and star in a feature film. Young Einstein was a national and international hit both critically and at the box office. Made on a shoestring budget which Yahoo pulled together by selling his car and borrowing cameras, Young Einstein went on to gross over $100 million and reach number one in many countries including Australia, Britain, France, Germany and Canada during 1989-90. In America Young Einstein was one of the most successful Australian movies ever released and became a cult classic. The movie's soundtrack, produced by Yahoo, went double platinum.

In February 1989 Yahoo was featured on the cover of TIME magazine. In the same year he was the cover of MAD magazine, made his own MTV show in New York and in a satire on TV reporting, he interviewed himself on 60 Minutes.

It was a strange encounter on a wild trip down the Amazon river which inspired Yahoo to create Young Einstein - the incredible untold story of Albert Einstein, the genius Tasmanian apple farmer. In 1905 he discovered Relativity, in 1906 he invented Rock and Roll.

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“ Serious, a long-haired gangly clown, exhibits a brash and confident sense of humor, endearing personality, and a fondness for sight gags.”


“ Pleasingly cartoonish as physical comedy.”

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