"Zelos" from the Greek – meaning ‘zeal’, ‘ardour’, and ‘amorousness‘, but also ‘jealousy’, ‘possessiveness’ and ‘suspicion’

Bernard is the thirty-something he always planned to be. He has a successful career, a meticulously neat beachside apartment and a hairstyle with just the right amount of gel. He adores his girlfriend Sarah who’s about to move in when she returns from overseas. But Bernard’s pristine existence is turned upside down when Sarah confesses her holiday romance.

To salvage the relationship, Sarah insists they equal the playing field: Bernard should sleep with another woman.

A man who would never cheat is asked by the woman he loves to have sex with someone else to save their relationship — a compromise which may ultimately destroy them, as love becomes corroded by jealousy.

By pre-emptively forgiving him for an infidelity he hasn’t yet committed, does Sarah prove that she truly loves Bernard or is it a sign that she doesn’t actually love him at all?

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“Zelos’ interesting ideas about the aftermath of cheating is what creates its unpredictability; Sarah and Bernard are equally selfish and sympathetic, blurring the line between protagonist and antagonist. This keeps their characters compelling and fresh as they work through their dramatic dirty laundry, creating tense, emotional scenes between the two.”


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Monday 23 July
Deckchair Cinema

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Friday 3 August
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Jo-anne Brechin



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118 minutes


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